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DR. COLUMBUS: And I have all my girls redid their eye in the past 7 years with LASIK vision correction, and they will tell their experience of their new vision. So Amy How’s your new eye?

Amy: My eyes are wonderful.

DR. COLUMBUS: What did you wearing before surgery?

Amy: Contacts and glasses.

DR. COLUMBUS: Would you blurry?

Amy: I would be blind without them.

DR. COLUMBUS: And how’s your vision now?

Amy: It’s awesome. I absolutely love it, and I would recommend to any body. It’s the best money I’ve ever invest.

DR. COLUMBUS: Thank you Amy, I’m glad I help change your life. And Emily, you’re mine, one of my first patients actually.

Emily: Same.

DR. COLUMBUS: Yeah, how’s your new eye?

Emily: Fantastic. I was legally blind. I had to wear contacts and glasses, and still blurry can’t be corrected to 20/20 with my contacts, and now I’m actually better than 20/20.

DR. COLUMBUS: It that right.

Emily: Thank you.

DR. COLUMBUS: My pressure. And Sarah, you’re my Harrisburg technician. How was your experience with laser vision correction?

Sarah: It’s great. I love just be able to wake up and see the alarm clock. A great benefit from it, and not have to wake up and put all the contacts and glasses. Save a lot of time.

DR. COLUMBUS: Great. And Britney, you my new one girl.

Brittany: Yep.

DR. COLUMBUS: But, you save the best for last sometime. So, we did a new procedure on you, custom laser.

Brittany: Mm hmm.

DR. COLUMBUS: And we did that because you have some glare before surgery.

Brittany: Yes.

DR. COLUMBUS: And how’s your glare now after?

Brittany: It’s perfect. I don’t see any glare. I used to be blind by headlights while I was driving. Now, I can see every details when I’m driving.

DR. COLUMBUS: So, it’s the way in your case. So, more new people in my family. So, I’m very happy to have these four ladies. If there’s any questions about laser vision correction, please feel free to contact them at our offices, and they will be happy to share more of their wonderful experience about their new vision with you.

Ladies: Thanks Dr. Columbus!

DR. COLUMBUS: Oh, it’s my pressure. Thank you so much.

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