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LASIK can transform your vision in a matter of minutes. This real-time LASIK before and after video stars Brian, a patient who has worn glasses since the third grade. He can now see clearly without corrective eyewear.

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Dr. Bill: Hey, Brian. How you doing, buddy? Brian: What's going on, Dr. Bill. Dr. Bill: Hey, so you're getting Lasik today. Are you all excited? Brian: Yes, I am. Dr. Bill: A little nervous though, right? Brian: Just a little bit. Dr. Bill: Yeah, they go from fear to ecstasy within five to six minutes. People think that's long but the actual surgery is only 30 seconds—5 seconds for the flap and 25 seconds for the laser with these new lasers. So tell me about how bad your vision is. Can you see me? Brian: So right now I cannot see you. Can't see anything in this room clearly. Dr. Bill: Can you see the clock up there and tell time? Brian: I can see blurry hands, can't see the numbers. That's about it. Dr. Bill: Okay. We're doing these testimonials first time to get reactions because this what I've been doing for 18 years. I love to see people. When I get you off the table, be able to see me clearly, the clock clearly, inside the room clearly. You could go to a football game the next day and see 100 hundred yards, the whole field. So I know you like the Eagles so when you go to the game, you'll really love it. Brian: Yeah. Dr. Bill: So why is the reason you choose Columbus Laser Vision. Brian: The reason I chose it is, well, the first thing I was running out of contacts so I didn't want to get another check because I was with new insurance, so I just kind of I wanted to do away with everything on that note. So I kind of just did the search out of nowhere during my lunchtime at work just local places. I mean they had great reviews that do Lasik, and so I found you guys. You had some good reviews so I thought, "Why not? I'll get a consultation and see what happens. What's the worst that could happen?" And so I met you, talked to Emily, and you guys kind of just convinced me that this is probably the best option for me. Dr. Bill: Well, I appreciate you choosing us and let's give you some new eyes right now and see how you like it after surgery in just six minutes. Brian: All right. Sounds good. Dr. Bill: Okay, get excited. Okay. Brian: I'm there. Dr. Bill: So, Brian, sit up, buddy with eyes closed, eyes closed, sit up, up, up. This is why I like my work. Open your eyes. Can you see me? Brian: Oh my god. Dr. Bill: Wow. You could never do this since third grade, right? You wore glasses since third grade. Brian: I've been wearing glasses since third grade. I can see you now. Dr. Bill: This is the reaction I get for 18 years, and we started videotaping the reactions. People go from fear to ecstasy right off the table. It's a little blurry but you can see across the room. Tomorrow you'll be able to see across a whole football field, [the all 00:02:28] 24 you pass your driver's test. Can you see the clock now? Brian: I can see the clock. Dr. Bill: What time is it? Brian: It is . . . Is that clock wrong? Dr. Bill: Yeah, the clock is wrong. Brian: It is saying it is 10:40. Dr. Bill: Right. I've got to set my clock right. Brian: Yeah. Oh my god. Dr. Bill: But it's cute, right? Brian: Yes. Dr. Bill: Thank you for choosing us, enjoy your new vision. I'm glad I could change your life. Brian: Oh, thank you, Dr. Bill. Dr. Bill: You're welcome. My pleasure.

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Dr. Columbus and his entire staff were professional from the beginning! He listened to all of my questions and concerns about the procedure and answered them completely. The surgery itself was also successful, and despite my vision being extremely poor, I am now able to see nearly 20/20. Ryan J.

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