Improved Vision after LASIK


Patients can enjoy a drastic improvement in their vision immediately after LASIK. Like Michael, you can experience more freedom in your daily life. For decades, Dr. William Columbus has been helping patients achieve clear vision and freedom from glasses and contacts.

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Dr. Bill: This is Michael. How are you doing, buddy. Michael: Good, sir. How are you? Dr. Bill: You look pretty athletic. You work out a lot, huh? Michael: Yes sir. Dr. Bill: Well, you wear contacts to the gym? Michael: Yes sir. Dr. Bill: Do you like that or no? Michael: I prefer them over glasses because glasses just get in the way especially when I have headphones on. You can dislodge the glasses and contacts just make it easier for physical activity. Dr. Bill: Do you like contacts too? Michael: Preferably over glasses but contacts have the issue where, if you lose one, you have the choice of either taking the other one out and being blind in both eyes or dealing with one eye with vision and one eye without which is not . . . Dr. Bill: So that's happened to you before? Michael: Yeah. Dr. Bill: Drives you crazy. Michael: Pain in the butt. Dr. Bill: That's one of the reasons that you're getting Lasik today, right? Michael: Yes, so I can be enjoying my physical activities and not worrying about my vision going out. Dr. Bill: Okay, and you wore glasses for a long time and contacts, right? Michael: Yes sir. Dr. Bill: Okay. I told you you're pretty bad. You're legally blind when we checked you on your eye exam so we'll show that to you. Look at that chart over there and what can you see on that chart? Michael: Nothing. I mean I can . . . If I squint my eyes I can see the top letter's an E. Dr. Bill: Nothing below that? Michael: Okay, E is legally blind and when I get you off the table you'll be able to read little, smaller stuff and I think you can pass your driver's test too. So we'll see how you do. But why'd you choose us? Dr. Bill: I chose you because you come highly recommended. My brother had surgery with you, like, four years ago. He said it was the best decision he ever made. Also, when I had my initial consultation with you, you were very knowledgeable. You gave me the statistics and the run down. And I felt very comfortable with you, with your background, and what you're able to do. Michael: Good. Well, my challenge will be to make you see better than your brother. Dr. Bill: Cool. I'm okay with that. Michael: Okay, we'll get started and we'll see how you do after surgery. Dr. Bill: Cool. Michael: Okay. Was that good? Dr. Bill: Okay, Mike, sit up. So this is your new experience after Lasik. How do things look so far? Michael: Clear. Dr. Bill: Clear, right? Michael: I mean it's definitely an improvement from where I was. Dr. Bill: Yeah. What can you see over there now, anything? Michael: E-F-P-T-O-Z-L-P-E-D-F-I-P-E-O-F-D. Dr. Bill: Good. That's the most . . . Michael: E-D-F-C-T-F? Dr. Bill: Good. Just stop. How's your driver's test? The driver's test is right below that green line. Michael: F-E-L-O-P-E-D? Dr. Bill: Yeah, you did F-E-L-O-P-E-D. You just passed your driver's test. You went from the big E all the way down passing your driver's test within six minutes. Michael: Yeah that's . . . Dr. Bill: That's pretty cool, right? Michael: It's amazing. Dr. Bill: So, you'll be 20/40 better tomorrow and 20/20 best in about two months, so just enjoy it. The best is yet to come. Michael: Even the surgery was not bad. He talked me through it. I felt comfortable the entire time. I felt like I was in good hands. So . . . Dr. Bill: Good. Michael: I definitely appreciate it. Dr. Bill: Okay, boss. Thanks for picking us. I really appreciate it. Michael: Yes sir. Dr. Bill: Thank you for the compliments. Michael: Thank you. Dr. Bill: Okay.

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Dr. Columbus and his entire staff were professional from the beginning! He listened to all of my questions and concerns about the procedure and answered them completely. The surgery itself was also successful, and despite my vision being extremely poor, I am now able to see nearly 20/20. Ryan J.

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