A Patient Achieves Exceptional Results after LASIK


In her LASIK review, Jill discusses all the benefits she has experienced in the short time since her procedure with Dr. William Columbus. She has been able to stop wearing glasses and feels more independent. Dr. Columbus has performed over 20,000 surgeries resulting in many satisfied patients.

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Dr. Bill: Hi, Jill. How are you? Jill: I'm doing great. Dr. Bill: So you're enjoying your new vision after Lasik. Jill: I am. It's wonderful. Dr. Bill: And we did your surgery about two weeks ago. Jill: Correct. Dr. Bill: And you were really happy the day after surgery, weren't you? Jill: I was very, very happy. I was very excited. Dr. Bill: Tell me what you saw the first day. You were able to drive in. What happened when you drove in? Jill: When I drove in, I could see license plates. I could read street signs easily. There was no where, you know, wasn't sure where I was, but everything was very nice and clear. Dr. Bill: And how has the past two weeks been going? It's been getting better for you, the sharpness? Jill: It's been getting better and better every day. Dr. Bill: Okay. People asking about your new eyes? Jill: Everybody's asking, "Where's your glasses?" And I tell them I had wonderful doctor taking care of me, he did surgery on my eyes, he did my Lasik. And being that I wore glasses since I was two years old, it's been amazing. Dr. Bill: Oh my goodness. Two years old. Jill: Yeah. It's been an amazing change. Dr. Bill: Now, you're independent. Jill: I have so much more time in the morning. I don't have to deal with contacts, I don't have to deal with glasses, nothing funks up. It's great. Dr. Bill: You're independent now like me. Jill: Yes. Dr. Bill: So you have an interesting story. You had a very bad prescription, really hard to fix, and you had a consultation somewhere else. And they told you weren't a candidate for Lasik. Is that correct? Jill: That is correct. Dr. Bill: And what did they tell you about your eyes? Jill: What they told me was that I was a perfect candidate for clear lens exchange even though I don't have a cataract issue, that's basically what it would be. Dr. Bill: And clear lens exchange is where they actually put a contact lens in your eye. It's more invasive surgery than Lasik where it's is a surface treatment where it's less risk. And what were they going to charge you for that? Jill: It was going to be at least $9,000 if not more. Dr. Bill: Wow. Jill: It was crazy. Dr. Bill: And you came to us for a second opinion? Jill: I did. Dr. Bill: And how did you find out about us for the second opinion? Jill: I did some research. I did find through our vision insurance that recommended you guys, and I was very happy that they were able to make that recommendation to me. Dr. Bill: Because we came up with a different plan. Jill: Absolutely. Dr. Bill: They told you not Lasik, but I told you're a 110% a candidate for Lasik. Jill: Correct. Dr. Bill: And you actually saved a lot of money. You paid less than $3,000 and you get the same result better safety and less side effects. Jill: Exactly. Dr. Bill: And you got some reading vision out of it, unlike the other procedure. Jill: Absolutely. Dr. Bill:: So it's a good investment. You actually saved a lot of money. But you know the bottom line is . . . Jill: It wasn't invasive. Dr. Bill: . . . you're a candidate for Lasik, and it's good to shop around to get second opinions. Jill: Always. Dr. Bill: So I'm glad that changed your life. Just enjoy it. The best is yet to come. You're about 20/30, you passed your driver's test this whole past two weeks and 20/20 is yet to come, and the reading visions is going to get better for you in the next two months as well, and the goal is to get you out of reading glasses as well, so cross our fingers. Jill: I'm excited. Dr. Bill: Hope that comes along the way. Jill: I'm excited. Dr. Bill: So you got the best of both worlds. Jill: Yeah. Dr. Bill: Okay, Jill. Well, thank you for choosing from Columbus Lasik Vision, all the compliments. Jill: All right, thank you. Dr. Bill: Okay. You're welcome.

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Dr. Columbus and his entire staff were professional from the beginning! He listened to all of my questions and concerns about the procedure and answered them completely. The surgery itself was also successful, and despite my vision being extremely poor, I am now able to see nearly 20/20. Ryan J.

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