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About five years ago, Matt's vision started to get progressively blurry until he was wearing two sets of glasses at once just to read clearly. Before he visited Perfection Lasers, he was told that he was not a good candidate for LASIK. Today, he is ready to undergo LASIK surgery and is looking forward to seeing the world clearly without glasses.

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Interviewer: Hey, Matt, so we're here to do your surgery today, right? Matt: Yes, I'm glad I'm here. Interviewer: Tell me about your life, the past early years of your life. Matt: What, how it's been? Interviewer: Yeah. You were doing pretty good when you're younger, you told me. Matt: Oh, yeah. I could hit a baseball. I could, you know, anything I wanted to do. I'm a carpenter, so, I mean, I cut everything perfect. I'd seen everything perfect. And then, just starting to go blurry, I thought, "Maybe drink a little less or something." Interviewer: When did that start happening, the blur? Matt: About five or six years ago. Interviewer: Was it for distance, or near, or everything? Matt: At first, I couldn't read, but I could see far perfectly. But then the reading part went worse and worse, and the far started getting bad. Interviewer: And then, you went into glasses, right? Matt: Well, I had to use glasses to read. Interviewer: And where did you get them? Off the rack at the store? Matt: Yeah. Interviewer: Yeah. Matt: But I was examined at the general hospital because I had a little thing on this side of my eye that I had taken out, just a piece of metal. But it wasn't like a big thing, but that didn't have nothing to do with this. And he told me I wasn't . . . I wanted to see if I was a candidate to have this done, and he told me, "No." So he said, "I'd give you a subscription, but your eyes are like 250 over-the-counter." That's like two years ago. He said, "You could spend $100 on glasses, but then your eyes are the same thing as 250 over-the-counter." "All right, I'll do that. Two fifty, went to 300, and then I went to . . . like I show you what I did. Interviewer: Go ahead. Let's see what happened. Matt: These are the 250s, right? Interviewer: Right. Matt: With the 300s maybe for . . . No, I can't read that. Interviewer: Right. Matt: Still can't read it, no. Okay. "Visa does not provide any sight recommendation." Interviewer: And so you're like my . . . Matt: Without this, that's not even there. It's just a blurry, a half a line. There's nothing there for me. Interviewer: So, you know, what's amazing, you're the first guy I ever saw that needs two pair of reading glasses to read. I'd never saw that in 20 years. Matt: And you know why I'm here? Interviewer: Yeah. Matt: Because I try to use three and you can't. Interviewer: Use three, that's crazy. Matt: You know what I'm saying? Interviewer: I only use one part time. Matt: No, I say, "I went to two. How long's it going to be before I go to three?" So, you know, there's no way. Interviewer: So we talked about doing LASIK on you. You finally decided to get it done, right? Matt: Yeah. Interviewer: How'd you hear about us? Matt: My wife had it done a few years ago. Interviewer: And we did her eyes? Matt: Yeah. Interviewer: And how's she doing? Matt: I guess good. Interviewer: And then, I guess you got jealous of her and decided you want to get something done. Matt: I didn't get jealous. I just stopped seeing. Interviewer: Yeah. So we saw you last week, and I examined you, and you're very blurry for far, gets worse at intermediate, and... Matt: It's blurry everywhere now. Interviewer: You're incapacitated near when you need two reading glasses. Matt: I'm looking at you, but I can't see. Your eyes are like just blurred. Interviewer: And so we talked about doing LASIK, and the goal I told you is to get clear for all the ranges. The world is going to open up to you within six minutes after surgery. So we're going to do your surgery today, and then we're going to see your reaction right after surgery because, boy, you're going to be so amazed because you can see. It's going to be a little blurry, but you'll be able to read a book. And we'll see if we could do that after we do your surgery today. Matt: All I'm interested in doing is having these two pair off my head. When I'm on Skype, I want her to see what I look like. Interviewer: Okay. Matt: I mean you . . . go ahead. Interviewer: Yeah. Matt: Talk to somebody that you'd never seen halfway around the world, and this is what they're looking at on Skype. How do I look? Come on, tell the truth. Interviewer: Oh, terrible. Matt: Okay? Interviewer: So we're making a young guy see those pretty eyes that you can't see through two pair of glasses your eyes, so . . . Matt: Well, no. No. And I know I don't want to look to have two pair of glasses on to . . . and, you know, maybe to see where her lips are. Interviewer: So let's get ready and we're going to do the procedure. We're doing what's called a Wavefront-optimized LASIK. It's the best laser on the market. They get great results. They get real good near-visions if you're farsighted for your age. So let's go do the procedure, and then we'll see how you do afterwards in a couple of minutes, okay? Matt: Do you want my age? Interviewer: No, you're a young guy. Matt: I wouldn't give it to you anyway. Interviewer: I know, okay. All right. Matt: I don't know who's going to be seeing all that. Interviewer: Okay. So let's get ready and go, okay? Matt: I'm ready. Interviewer: And we'll be back shortly. Okay. Matt: I'm ready to go. Interviewer: Okay, here we go.

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Dr. Columbus and his entire staff were professional from the beginning! He listened to all of my questions and concerns about the procedure and answered them completely. The surgery itself was also successful, and despite my vision being extremely poor, I am now able to see nearly 20/20. Ryan J.

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