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DR. COLUMBUS: So Mary, welcome to my world.

MARY: [laughs] No, no, welcome to my sighted world without glasses. I opened my eyes after that first four hours and I could read the clock on the VCR, I could see. And the best, the whole thing, I can watch TV in bed. I can actually watch TV in bed. No glasses. I was amazed. I could sit there all night and watch it just because I could. I could look over and I could see the clock in the morning. I could read. I was like a man who was raised from the dead. I run all over the house telling my husband. I can read that, I can read that, I can read that, and I thought if this is this good right after, what is it going to be when they're completely healed? Really got me going. Maybe I don’t need glasses at all.

DR. COLUMBUS: How was your vision before this?

MARY: Oh dear God. I wouldn't be able to see you without my glasses.

DR. COLUMBUS: From that far away.

MARY: You'd be a big fuzzy blur.


MARY: I couldn't see anything without my glasses. They were like glued on my face 24 hours a day and they're not. And it's not even 24 hours later.

DR. COLUMBUS: Yeah, just did this yesterday.

MARY: Oh you're a little god. You are a little god. A miracle man. Miracle man.

DR. COLUMBUS: The world's opened up to you now?

MARY: Absolutely. All the way over here, I'm reading every sign and little sign I could find on doors, you know, on store doors. Their hours. Oh my God, from here I can read that, that—the store hours on that business over there. I'm reading everything. I am like a man who never, or a woman I guess I should say, who never could see before. And it's wonderful, it's absolutely wonderful. Sitting here I can read everything on—it's wonderful. Can see the calendar over there from here, I can read July, I can see September, I can see the days, I can-- I’m amazed. I'm totally amazed. Absolutely amazed.

DR. COLUMBUS: Well, welcome to my world.

MARY: Oh no, to my sighted world. There's not a thing like it. Of all the senses this is the one I would never ever want to lose.

DR. COLUMBUS: Would you get this done again?

MARY: I would pay you a million dollars.

MALE VOICE: I wouldn't go that far.

MARY: A million dollars. Oh yes I would, yes I would. I'd pay a million dollars to have this. Yes I would. It was worth every dime. And I can't thank you enough for your precision, your know how, your talent. Excellent.

DR. COLUMBUS: Thank you.

MARY: You are my hero.

DR. COLUMBUS: Thank you so much.

MARY: You're more than welcome, Doctor.


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