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In some cases, neither traditional LASIK nor Custom LASIK™ is the best solution. Certain patients, due to sensitive lenses or other related medical conditions, choose to undergo PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) laser corrective surgery. To accommodate those patients who are not eligible for conventional LASIK, Dr. William Columbus and his staff gladly offer PRK laser eye surgery at Perfection Lasers, serving the Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and Wilkes-Barre areas. Contact Perfection Lasers today to schedule a consultation with our laser vision correction doctors.

  • Benefits of PRK Laser Eye Surgery
  • The PRK Procedure
  • Is PRK Laser Eye Surgery Right for You?
  • Benefits of PRK Laser Eye Surgery

The PRK laser eye surgery procedure performed at our Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Harrisburg-area centers is very similar to traditional LASIK. Thinner corneas or higher prescriptions of nearsightedness may be more suitable for PRK rather than LASIK. Other benefits include quick vision improvement, a minimally invasive procedure, very little pain, and a short recovery period.

The PRK Procedure

PRK laser eye surgery involves the removal of the outer corneal skin layer. Dr. Columbus applies numbing drops and ablates the outer layer of the cornea. The remainder of the procedure is similar to traditional LASIK and Custom LASIK™. Using the excimer laser, Dr. Columbus subtly reshapes the cornea to improve refraction, which in turn produces sharper, clearer vision. After about a week of recovery, patients are generally able to return to a normal, active lifestyle without any difficulty.

Is PRK Laser Eye Surgery Right for You?

For those who are not good candidates for traditional or Custom LASIK™, PRK laser eye surgery at our Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Lancaster-area practice, may be the ideal alternative. The benefits of the procedure are the same as traditional LASIK, including prompt results, greatly improved vision, and affordability.

One drawback of PRK is that the recovery time is longer than that of traditional LASIK and Custom LASIK™. This is due to the fact that it takes a few days for the surface of the corneal membrane to heal, something that may also cause more discomfort during recovery.

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Perfection Lasers is dedicated to providing effective, affordable laser vision correction, including LASIK and PRK laser eye surgery, to patients in the Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and Wilkes-Barre region. To schedule a consultation, contact Dr. William Columbus. Call us today at 1-866-600-3937.

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