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Since the inception of LASIK, laser eye surgery has been constantly evolving, and the technology used to perform the procedure has been greatly enhanced. In fact, LASIK has developed into one of the safest and most successful surgeries available. And with the growing popularity of LASIK, the surgeons at Columbus & Perfection Lasers have introduced a new innovative method of performing the procedure to our Harrisburg, Lancaster, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, and Philadelphia area practice. LAHayeSIK™ dramatically minimizes the risk of complications during LASIK surgery while producing consistently excellent results.

Woman's eye after having LAHayeSIK laser eye surgery

LAHayeSIK™ minimizes the risks of laser vision correction.

What Is LAHayeSIK™?

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No matter which method of LASIK you choose, the surgery is performed in two stages:

  • First Stage- Creation of the corneal flap
  • Second Stage- Lifting the flap, reshaping the underlying corneal tissue, and then replacing the corneal flap

For years, doctors have focused their attention on complications that can arise during the first stage of laser vision correction surgery. However, results have shown that it is in the second stage that many complications develop. When the corneal tissue is exposed, it becomes highly vulnerable to manipulation and extremely susceptible to contamination, which can lead to infection and, in some cases, blindness. In fact, multiple devices would have to enter and exit the surgical field, which can easily pollute the area and expose the cornea’s soft tissues to contaminants. Although the instruments used in LASIK have always represented the absolute state of the art, there was never a single tool that could perform the procedure - that is, until now.

The LAHayeSIK™ method involves the use of a single device to perform multiple maneuvers, which, before now, would necessitate the use of several surgical instruments. The newly developed instrument standardizes each stage of the LASIK procedure, as it controls and completes more than ten specialized tasks, giving our surgeons more authority over the procedure than ever before. At present, Dr. William Columbus is one of the few doctors who perform the LAHayeSIK™ procedure, and his experience with the method has been tremendously positive.

Benefits of LAHayeSIK™

The LAHayeSIK™ instrument helps our Harrisburg LASIK surgeons to execute the surgery in a more precise, tailored fashion. In fact, since integrating the technology into our practice, procedure time has lowered, the need for re-treatment has been reduced, infection rates are at an all-time low (zero percent), and there has been a reduced occurrence of side effects. There are several benefits of using the LAHayeSIK™ device, including:

  • Prevents infections and non-infections contaminates from entering the surgical field
  • Controls eye movement
  • Prevents and stops corneal bleeding
  • Protects the corneal flap
  • Provides moisture control, as moisture can block the laser from performing its duties
  • Removes smoke, as the fumes can interfere with the laser
  • Irrigates the surgical field
  • Removes surgical debris from the eye
  • Clean closure of the corneal flap
  • Precise alignment of the corneal flap, during the conclusion of surgery
  • Promotes rapid adhesion of the flap

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Dr. Columbus and his entire staff were professional from the beginning! He listened to all of my questions and concerns about the procedure and answered them completely. The surgery itself was also successful, and despite my vision being extremely poor, I am now able to see nearly 20/20. Ryan J.

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