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The latest, most precise LASIK procedure available is Custom LASIK™ with wavefront technology. Our surgeon serves the Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Scranton areas, using the revolutionary “wavefront analyzer.” This machine allows Dr. William Columbus to make extremely precise measurements of the eye, which in turn result in a custom-tailored blueprint of the exact specifications of our patients' eyes. Please contact Perfection Lasers today to schedule a private consultation with one of our laser vision correction doctors.

  • Benefits of Custom LASIK™
  • The Custom LASIK™ Procedure
  • Is Custom LASIK™ Right for You?
  • Benefits of Custom LASIK™

This advanced treatment can provide patients with better vision than they ever had, even with glasses or contacts. In a recent FDA study, it was found that 100 percent of the participants who had undergone Custom LASIK™ with wavefront technology could pass a driver’s test without the use of glasses or contact lenses. Additionally, 98 percent could see 20/20 while 74 percent had better than 20/20 vision. Improvements in night vision were also found among most of the participants when compared to their vision with glasses or contact lenses before the procedure.

While conventional LASIK is still a very good choice for many patients, others might prefer the higher level of customization that LASIK with wavefront technology can provide.  Ultimately, prospective patients should speak with their own Custom LASIK™ surgeon to determine the best option. Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Scranton-area residents can schedule a consultation with Dr. Columbus or another experienced surgeon at Perfection Lasers to learn whether Custom LASIK™ is right for them.

The Custom LASIK™ Procedure

The procedure is similar to traditional LASIK, with one notable difference: custom LASIK™ makes use of the wavefront analyzer, a machine that takes a picture of and analyzes the shape of patients' eyes. The device produces a sophisticated picture of the eye's "fingerprint," or the unique way in which light passes through each individual's cornea; the wavefront measurement obtained is 25 percent more precise than standard measurements. The wavefront analyzer also detects imperfections, or higher-order aberrations, tiny irregularities that cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. These imperfections are usually linked to the glare or halos many people experience when wearing glasses or contact lenses. With custom cornea treatments, doctors are able to measure and treat these irregularities and reduce the risk of glare, halos, and night vision problems.

To find out if Custom LASIK™ is right for you, contact an experienced surgeon Perfection Lasers, the Philadelphia and Harrisburg-area’s leading vision practice.

Is Custom LASIK™ Right for You?

Custom LASIK™ with wavefront technology represents the next generation of laser eye procedures. Because of the precision with which it maps the individual patient’s eye, customized LASIK can eliminate ocular imperfections that glasses, contacts, and even traditional LASIK cannot correct. In fact, many patients who choose Custom LASIK™ end up with better than 20/20 vision. Like traditional LASIK, the procedure is quick, painless, and effective, and it involves very little risk of side effects.

The risks of Custom LASIK™ are the same as those of traditional LASIK. However, because the procedure is so precise, we have noticed a decrease in the incidence of halos, the most common side effect associated with the conventional LASIK procedure.

Contact Our LASIK Surgeon

Dr. William Columbus, M.D., and his staff are dedicated to providing effective, affordable laser vision correction for all of our patients. Schedule a consultation to discuss Custom LASIK™ with our surgeon by contacting Perfection Lasers, serving the Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Scranton areas. You can also visit our LASIK financing and pricing page to learn more about our affordable prices for Custom LASIK™. Call us today at 1-866-600-3937.















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